Seven years, 400 washes, and counting...

I've been asked to write about Niska's standards and dependability, but I'd rather just tell you about my pants.

Seven years ago I had a pair of pants made up to test 2 different mesh linings (one leg of each). It is with a degree of embarrassment that I admit to having worn this same pair of black taffeta pants at least 1 out of every 3 days since 1993.

I can't estimate how many miles I've hiked in these pants, how many times our energetic and poorly trained dog has jumped up on me, how many days I've played in the surf near our beach home at the Oregon coast, how many times I've climbed or sat on barnacle-covered boulders, or filled the side pockets of my taffeta pants with agates & fossils.

In the 7 years that I have gardened, stripped furniture and gone camping in the same pair of taffeta pants, I've also worn through the knees of a dozen pair of expensive blue jeans, yet my Niska taffeta pants, which I bet I've washed & dried at least 400 times in 7 years, are in perfect condition.

Now, back to Niska's high standards and dependability - qualities we've worked hard to establish.

You know we guarantee our products and provide exceptional customer service and delivery. Those of you who've asked for oddball colors like lime green or styles not featured in our line ("my customer wants stripes over here, triangles over there and an ankle-length hemline") know that Niska is truly custom.

We say "your customer is our designer." And we mean it.

-Phyllis Stevenson
Co-owner, Niska Sportswear

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