Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What if I am looking for a particular style that is not shown in your catalog?

A.  Niska is purely custom. We often produce special make-up styles based on your specifications.

Q.  How do I order your product, and do you sell directly to schools?

A.  We will sell directly to schools, booster clubs or individuals if we do not have a dealer in the area. If you do not work through a team dealer currently, call our toll-free number and we will give you a list of team dealers in your area. If there is no dealer then you can deal directly with us.

Q.  Do you ever discontinue products?

A.  No, we never discontinue any of our styles. Our products will always be available whether you need it now or ten years from now.

Q.  Can I put my label into your products?

A.  Yes, we do offer private labeling. Simply provide us with your labels and we will sew them into your warm-up orders.

Q.  Do you offer your products in youth sizes?

A.  Yes, contact your team dealer regarding discounted prices for youth sizes.

Q.  You sell for school teams, but do you also sell for corporate teams?

A.  Yes, a big portion of our sales is for corporations. As with our school business, contact your local team dealer for more information.

Q.  Do you manufacture your product in the United States?

A.  Yes, all of our products are manufactured in the United States.

Q.  What if I like a jacket style I see, but not the colors that are pictured?

A.  We can customize any style you like from our jacket catalog, with the colors of your choice from our fabric samples. Check out our color list to see what colors match best for your team.

Q.  How long will it take to order jackets for my team?

A.  Our normal turn-around time is 2-4 weeks.
We appreciate notification upon placement of a non-rush order, so we know we'll have extra time to deliver, as this enables us to deliver more of your rush orders "yesterday".

Q.  I have a small team, what is your minimum order?

A.  You must order a minimum or 6 units, identical in style, colors and options. Orders smaller than six are subject to a surcharge. We will waive the minimum requirements on a purely subjective case-by-case basis for consistent customers, especially those who send us gifts.


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